Other events

In addition to the annual conference we also organize Saturday seminars and social events.


Future events:

The next Saturday seminar is planned for 13. April 2019. The program will be available here at the end of March.


Past events:

December meeting with friends

Sobotni seminar 20 oct 2018

AGM, 21.9.2018

Natečaj ob dnevu jezikov

Mint & IATEFL Slovenia Workshops Dec

Saturday seminar 16th September 2017

Escape IATEFL Slovenia

Post conference event

sobotni seminar 13 maj 2017-1

sobotni seminar 24 jan2015

sobotni seminar 18okt2014

sobotni seminar 10maj2014

Saturday with Shelly Terrell

program jan 2013


Dan jezikov


European day of languages 2018


(Skupno 84 obiskov, današnjih obiskov 1)